Sylwia Serafinowicz

“people sometimes, die”

Edel Assanti

February 2016

This group exhibition curated by New York–based artist Jesse Hlebo, titled “people sometimes, die,” opens with Denzel Russell’s The Legislator, 2015, a gun-shaped tube of glass filled with blood, which partially exploded some time … READ ON


“Goshka Macuga: To the son of man who ate the scroll”

January 2016

Curated by the artist Goshka Macuga takes over two venues of the Fondazione Prada with an exhibition that comprises approximately forty works executed in various media by Macuga and a handpicked assembly of artists including Phyllida Barlow,… READ ON


Tadeusz Kantor

January 2016

Both a visual artist and a theater director, Tadeusz Kantor was perhaps the most prominent and controversial figure of the twentieth-century Polish avant-garde. The exhibition in São Paulo was part of the International Year of Tadeusz Kantor… READ ON

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Szymon Rogiński


October 2015

Szymon Rogiński is a photographer best-known for his works shot at night, such as his “Poland Synthesis” series, 2003–2006, for which he used car headlights, as well as more elaborate lighting systems, to extract from the Polish … READ ON


Janek Simon


July 2015

Janek Simon’s current solo exhibition, “People with the heads of dogs,” is as much a reflection on the phenomenon of travellers’ confabulations about their journeys as it is a study of the self. The title refers to a passage from … READ ON


Dawid Misiorny

Miejsce przy Miejscu

June 2015

In his solo show “Wszystko łączy się ze wszystkim” (Everything liaise with everything), Dawid Misiorny uses four wooden, square, custom-made display cases to present his photographs in this modest yet dynamic gallery space located in… READ ON


Suzy Lake

May 2015

Hardly an introduction to a body of work that spans nearly half a century, “Introducing Suzy Lake,” a retrospective that honored the Detroit-born, Toronto-based photographer, emphasized the two driving forces that jointly determined the… READ ON

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“Modest Muses”

The Tatra Museum

December 2014

Exhibitions rarely emerge from their locations as playfully as this. Zakopane, a city in the Polish Tatra Mountains, is famous for its daring local artists Stanisław Witkiewicz and Władysław Hasior. Currently covered in snow, the city is… READ ON


Eustachy Kossakowski and Goshka Macuga

November 2014

The point of departure for “Report from the Exhibition,” which juxtaposed works by Eustachy Kossakowski and Goshka Macuga, was the oeuvre of Kazimir Malevich, the father of Suprematism and the painter of that cornerstone of modernism … READ ON

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Polish and Shine

The 4th Warsaw Gallery Weekend

October 2014 WARSAW

THE FOURTH WARSAW GALLERY WEEKEND saw organizers redoubling their efforts to encourage the Polish art world—and beyond—to join in the three-day-long celebrations. The event, featuring over twenty galleries, spotlights Poland’s developing… READ ON