Thomas De Monchaux

Mau and Then

Bruce Mau

December 2005 NEW YORK

Listening to a graphic designer lecture would seem to be like recording the mating song of a peacock: informative, but compromised by a lack of visuals. Yet Bruce Mau, the activist graphic designer most celebrated for his work on S, M, L, … READ ON


Fine Lines

The High Line Block Party

September 2005 NEW YORK

If you believe that the sudden simultaneous vending of gyros, unicorn-based jewelry, and Santa-Fe-or-Trenchtown-appropriate schmattes goes beyond the purview of mere “craft,” then every Manhattan street fair is, in its own insidious way,… READ ON


West Side Peers

165 Charles St.

August 2005 NEW YORK

“I like the maid’s room, Richard” says a visitor, one half of a ballerina-and-polo-player-beautiful-couple whom architect Richard Meier is guiding around apartment 4B in his latest residential tower, 165 Charles Street, overlooking the… READ ON