Tina Rivers

Abraham Palatnik

Galeria Nara Roesler | New York

June 2016

One of the highlights of Frieze New York last month was this gallery’s presentation of Abraham Palatnik, an octogenarian Brazilian artist whose “Kinechromatic Devices,” 1951–2004, helped to pioneer kinetic light art during the … READ ON


Lauren Seiden

May 2016

In the Western tradition, drawing, or the use of line as the primary vehicle for shaping form on a two-dimensional surface, has long been the scaffold on which the more rarified practices of painting, sculpture, and architecture are built. … READ ON

IN PRINT May 2016 [TOC]

Ward Shelley


April 2016

Buried in Ward Shelley’s Extended Narrative, v. 1, 2014—a chronological taxonomy of Western art since the Enlightenment—is a reference to its forebear: Alfred Barr’s famous 1936 diagram of the evolution of abstraction. While expressing… READ ON


David Hammons

Mnuchin Gallery

April 2016

In the catalogue that accompanies this show, there is a photo of the artist David Hammons in Harlem in 1980. From behind a pair of sunglasses, he is reading Tales of Power (1974), a volume in Carlos Castaneda’s account of the teachings of… READ ON


“The Illusive Eye”

El Museo del Barrio

March 2016

At the end of the catalogue for “The Responsive Eye”—the infamous survey of contemporary Op art that opened at MoMA in February 1965, marking the movement’s simultaneous debut and apogee—curator William Seitz asked, “What are the… READ ON



Renwick Gallery

January 2016

The nine large-scale installations for this show prompt us to “wonder” at the alchemical transformation of fairly quotidian materials into art. Though the labor of producing these works leaves a few visible traces, the emphasis here is … READ ON


“Life Itself”

January 2016

Curated by Daniel Birnbaum, Carsten Höller, and Jo Widoff Though motivated by the question What is life?, “Life Itself” will look beyond the science undergirding recent bio-art, favoring more oblique approaches to understanding organic… READ ON


Marta Minujín

Henrique Faria Fine Art

June 2015

A pioneering Argentinian artist who contributed to Happenings and Pop as well as Art and Technology in the 1960s, Marta Minujín is once again ubiquitous. Last fall, her work appeared in the Guggenheim’s reconsideration of Latin American … READ ON


Jon Rafman

May 2015

Curated by Mark Lanctôt A year after unlocking the same achievement in the US, Montreal native Jon Rafman will have his first solo museum show in Canada, at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal. This homecoming will present Rafman’s… READ ON


Cory Arcangel

Team Gallery | Wooster Street

October 2014

In Diddy/Lakes, 2013—the first in the recent series of Arcangel’s work featured here—a seventy-inch flat screen displays a photo of the perennially recycled rapper boarding a private jet. As in all of the Lakes, the image has been … READ ON