Zachary Cahill

Ragnar Kjartansson

Luhring Augustine

March 2013

While encountering Ragnar Kjartansson’s “The Visitors,” one cannot help but discern a palpable sense of kinship, reminiscent of the communal bonding that often transpires during artist residencies—a zone not entirely aberrant to this… READ ON


Candice Breitz

Candice Breitz discusses her new video trilogy

January 2013

Candice Breitz is an artist whose practice delves into the nature of identity production through the circuits of mass media. Here she discusses her video trilogy The Woods, which comprises The Audition, The Rehearsal, and The Interview, works… READ ON


Janice Kerbel

The Arts Club of Chicago

November 2012

The work in Janice Kerbel’s first solo exhibition in the United States dances nimbly around the proverbial void. Take, for instance, Cue, 2012, a suite of thirty-six screenprints, divided into three “acts” through which a drama of … READ ON


Brian Jungen and Duane Linklater

Walter Phillips Gallery

September 2012

Can hunting be hypnotic? Does silence return a sound? What are the political stakes in modalities of landscape and tradition? These are questions posed by Modest Livelihood (2012), a film by Brian Jungen and Duane Linklater premiering at the… READ ON


Jill Magid

Jill Magid discusses her work for the Bucharest Biennale

May 2012

For the 2012 Bucharest Biennale, artist Jill Magid will exhibit her novella Failed States, which chronicles her experiences as she trained in 2010 to be an embedded journalist in Afghanistan as well being witness to a shooting at the Texas… READ ON


Molly Zuckerman-Hartung

Corbett vs Dempsey

February 2012

With the literally downcast and well-nigh comic gesture of adhering vinyl signage to the floor of her latest exhibition, “Negative Joy,” Molly Zuckerman-Hartung announces a paradigmatic shift in her work with abstract painting. The totality… READ ON


Sharon Hayes

The Art Institute of Chicago

January 2012

Love, like politics, longs to speak through us, and we, reciprocally, long to be heard and to speak: to feel as though on some basic level our hopes, fears, and desires register somewhere amid the forces that bind us to history and to one … READ ON


Tania Bruguera

Tania Bruguera discusses Immigrant Movement International

December 2011

Tania Bruguera is an artist whose work explores the role art can play in daily political life. For the past year she has worked with Creative Time and the Queens Museum of Art on her project Immigrant Movement International, which seeks to … READ ON


Jesse McLean

November 2011

To suspend disbelief can be a frightening proposition, for the act forfeits prescribed boundaries of control. In her first solo exhibition in New York, “Trust Falls” at Interstate Projects, Jesse McLean puts considerable pressure on the… READ ON


“The Great Poor Farm Experiment III”

September 2011

Something about summer grips the American psyche with an almost unbridled wanderlust, an urge to escape the familiar. The contemporary art set would be hard pressed to find a destination that requites this desire with such élan as the Poor… READ ON