Zachary Cahill

“Never Let Me Go”

June 2011

There are a number of challenges posed by using a literary reference as a curatorial device, chief among them that the audience may have no familiarity whatsoever with the literature in question. Or, in a “post-literate age,” as author … READ ON


Marina Naprushkina

Marina Naprushkina discusses her recent work

May 2011

Marina Naprushkina is a Belarusian artist based in Berlin. Her work is included in “Opening the Door? Belarusian Art Today” at the Zacheta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw. The exhibition, which is on view until August 21, is curated by… READ ON


“Twice Removed: A Survey of Take Away Works”

February 2011

The gift economy has been thoroughly studied by thinkers as varied as anthropologist Marcel Mauss, poet and scholar Lewis Hyde, and Wired’s Chris Anderson. Recognized for his book Free: The Future of a Radical Price (2009), Anderson might… READ ON


Matthew Metzger

January 2011

At least since Georges Braque first plied a house painter’s comb to create faux bois (fake wood grain) in his Homage to J. S. Bach, 1911, artists’ applications of decorative and artisanal painting techniques have introduced a level of … READ ON


Josiah McElheny

December 2010

The history of modernism is given a healthy reappraisal whenever the work of Josiah McElheny is discussed, inviting the question from the uninitiated viewer: Which modernism? Sociologist Bruno Latour has argued that, in fact, “modernity … READ ON


“The Creative Act”

December 2010

One expects so much from the genre of political art: It needs to be decisive, yet open; sophisticated, yet accessible. Hence, contradictions inevitably abound in our desires. But what does political art want from us? No doubt to be noticed.… READ ON


“Hand’s Tide”

September 2010

If indeed, as Robert Storr put it recently in the New York Times, “The middle of the art world is now in Brooklyn,” one might then venture the rejoinder: And the center of Brooklyn is now Chicago. Supporting this counterintuitive thesis… READ ON