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Today is:September 22, 2014
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Monday, September 22

  • There are no openings scheduled for this date.

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    MAGASIN - Centre National d'Art Contemporain

    8 esplanade Andry Farcy, Site Bouchayer-Viallet  / +33476219584 /
    Wed - Sun 2pm to 7pm

    Art in Pop

    Oct 11, 2014 - Jan 4, 2015

    The National Centre of Contemporary Art is dedicating one of its autumn 2014 exhibitions to music's relationship with the arts.

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    Mathis Altmann, Olga Balema, Max Brand, Aleksander Hardashnakov, Renaud DOOM : SURFACE Contrôle

    Oct 11, 2014 - Jan 4, 2015

    Eight young artists are invited to realise an artwork “in situ” in the art centre’s atrium (“La Rue”).

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    Musée de Grenoble

    5 place de Lavalette  / +33476634444 /
    Wed - Mon 10am to 6:30pm

    The Musée de Grenoble offers you a chance to traverse the history of western painting from the 13th to the 20th centuries.