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Today is:September 21, 2014
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Sunday, September 21

  • There are no openings scheduled for this date.

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    Bezalel, Yaffo 23

    23 Yaffo Street, Main Post Office Building, 3 Floor  / +97226249367 /
    Mon - Thu 11am to 6pm, Fri 11am to 2pm

    Yaffo 23 pursues emerging artists, new genres, and work that combines theory and practice and foster experimentation and innovation.
  • Museums

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    Israel Museum

    Ruppin Boulevard  / +97226708811 /
    Mon - Thu 10am to 5pm, Fri 10am to 2pm, Sat - Sun 10am to 5pm

    Israel Museum presents exhibitions and collections of ancient to modern art. Please contact museum for more information.

    Unstable Places: New in Contemporary Art

    Jun 2 - Nov 27, 2014

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    L.A. Mayer | The Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem

    2, Hapalmach Street  / +97225661291 /
    Sun - Mon 10am to 3pm, Sat 10am to 4pm, Sat 10am to 2pm

    L.A. Mayer’s permanent collections constitute one of the most important exhibitions of Islamic art in the world.
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    Jerusalem Season of Culture

    Multiple venues  / +97226535880 /

    The Jerusalem Season of Culture summons the ancient muse for an annual summer showcase of the city's contemporary cultural treasures.