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Today is:October 04, 2015
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San Gimignano

Sunday, October 4

  • There are no openings scheduled for this date.

  • Galleries

  • Galleria Continua | San Gimignano

    Via del Castello 11  / +390577943134 /
    Mon - Sat 10am to 1pm, Mon - Sat 2pm to 7pm

    Manuela Sedmach Passare al Bosco

    Sep 25 - Oct 24, 2015

    The Forest Passage, it comprises a series of works covering part of the most recent pictorial output of the Trieste-born artist

    Cildo Meireles & Various Artists q & a

    Sep 25, 2015 - Jan 9, 2016

    Shows dialogue with each other, developing according to a dynamic that Meireles and VA describe as Q & A

  • Museums

  • Associazione Arte Continua

    Via del Castello 11  / +390577907157 /

    Associazione Arte Continua presents itinerant exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. Please contact museum for more info.