February 1981

Table of Contents



    Parker Hodges on POPism: The Warhol '60s and Picasso, Photographs from 1951-1972
  • Joseph Masheck on Italian Drawings 1780-1890, August Sander, Twentieth-Century European Painting, Jackson Pollock, African Furniture
  • Artforum on Photo-Realism, Egyptian Art, Native Arts of North America, Chinese Art, The Art of French Glass, American Art Nouveau

  • A Chameleon in a State of Grace: Francesco Clemente
    Edit deAk
  • American Abstract Sensationalism
    J. Hoberman
    A project by Jonathan Borofsky
  • The Works and Writings of Daniel Buren: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Contemporary Art
    Jean-François Lyotard
  • Smithson’s Site/Non-Site: New York City Walk
    Amy Baker
  • Scandal’s Witnesses: Grafting Smithson on Bataille
    Nicholas Calas