January 1984

Table of Contents



    Gilles Deleuze on Francis Bacon

  • Bill Woodrow: Material Truths
    Mark Francis
  • In the Heart of the Tinman. An Essay on John Chamberlain.
    Duncan Smith
  • A project by Pontus Hultén and Jean Tinguely
  • Freeing Dance from the Web: On Collaboration, Trisha Brown’s Set and Reset and Lucinda Childs' Available Light
    Thomas McEvilley
  • Two Sides of the Brain: Molissa Fenley’s Hemispheres
    RoseLee Goldberg
  • Up Rocking, Locking, Old Style, 1990 Moves
    Michael Holman
  • Selected Funk Lessons: a project by Adrian Piper
  • A Use for Beauty
    Kenneth Baker
  • Executioner’s Song
    Greil Marcus
  • Forum
    Kate Linker