Re: Mad Cowboy

by mountain lion (06.29.05 01:29 pm)

Sounds totally incredible
nice site specificity
lest we forget that the
Cowboys weren't American
the way the term
American Cowboy
would imply
-they were Europeans

This show sounds like it
embodies a very important
and complex feeling

the nastier side of the Sublime

a peering in to the collective unconscience
engenders a view of the masculine subconscience
that many women ignore

Re: Mad Cowboy

by sharikov (06.29.05 01:42 pm)


Re: Mad Cowboy

by broken flower (06.29.05 04:13 pm)

Straight Men:
conscience or subconscience?
conscious or unconscious?

Gay men?
Got a grudge against mother nature?

Re: Mad Organized Freedom

by SON OF DALI (06.29.05 05:24 pm)

“promoted his reactionary artistic agenda” what makes you so sure that this isn't the same? Do I smell a celebration of Fascism? There's a thin Line between Parody and Homage. I do have to question what really is going on here? And then again maybe its harmless ART-FUN All this organized Freedom is making me nervous but maybe thats the point?Loose Lips Sink Ships

Alles Ist Gut

by Billy Idol (06.29.05 06:14 pm)

unsere kleidung ist so schwarz. unsere stiefel
sind so schoen. links den roten blitz. rechts
den schwarzen stern. unsere schreie sind so laut.
unser tanz ist so wild. ein neuer boeser tanz.
alle gegen alle.

(Everybody Fights Everybody
our gear is so black. our boots so beautiful.
the red blitz in the left. the black star in the
right. our shouting so loud. our dance so wild
the new evil dance. everybody fights everybody.)

Re: Mad Cowboy

by broken flower (06.29.05 06:39 pm)

Yes I have the same feeling, like how many years has it been since r crumb —or whoever that was—drew the fukin Disneyland characters.

All those inflatables make me feel deflated.

And see the german govt. goes along with it, so how subversive is it? or how cool are they?

Anyway—love the Walt Whitman getup.

Re: Mad Cowboy

by mountain lion (06.29.05 06:52 pm)

art does not lead
it traces, reveals, and solves questions

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (06.29.05 07:05 pm)'s true...who were they/from.// and their myths, now strangly out of fashion. One's we know about abnd everyone else...those hats and the twang...fliter through actors of a certain class; and they also apiere about the time of the invention of photography....

this just in , a special invite:

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (06.29.05 08:05 pm)

oh know - this came up somewhere it must be the season: about 3/4 of the way down:


Re: Cattle Call

by uri geller (06.30.05 12:36 am)

I just got off the phone with my mom, and she said some of my ancestors were fourth generation AMERICANS AND cowboys, and not a degenerate European Marxist Pervert among them. Salt of the earth good people.

Quit pretending to “subvert” stuff and get on with fucking your Euro-sheep or whatever.

This is America man, land of the free. We have laws and shit now. Maybe you cant fuck sheep, but you can kill them and bring them back to life in the name of science. Good enough for me.

I was in the bookstore and I browsed this humorless screed purporting to be an anthology of anticapitalists. All I saw was a bunch of humorless Blowhards - how do they breed them so annoying, so well?

Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above,
Don't fence me in.
Let me ride through the wide open country that I love,
Don't fence me in.
Let me be by myself in the evenin' breeze,
And listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees,
Send me off forever but I ask you please,
Don't fence me in.

Just turn me loose, let me straddle my old saddle
Underneath the western skies.
On my Cayuse, let me wander over yonder
Till I see the mountains rise.

I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences
And gaze at the moon till I lose my senses
And I can't look at hovels and I can't stand fences
Don't fence me in.

Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies,
Don't fence me in.
Let me ride through the wide open country that I love,
Don't fence me in.
Let me be by myself in the evenin' breeze
And listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees
Send me off forever but I ask you please,
Don't fence me in

Just turn me loose, let me straddle my old saddle
Underneath the western skies
On my Cayuse, let me wander over yonder
Till I see the mountains rise.
Ba boo ba ba boo.

I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences
And gaze at the moon till I lose my senses
And I can't look at hobbles and I can't stand fences
Don't fence me in.
Poppa, don't you fence me in

Expulsis Piratis/Restituta Commercia

by Jareth (06.30.05 12:51 am)

“Gay men?
Got a grudge against mother nature?”

perhaps hl could chime in on that one, as a gay geologist, landscape Artist.

Just watched New York New York with me mum.

so glad the Cowboy thing is in! will so grab my Hat while i am back here and the boots, - like running shoes you can take someones eye out with!

Re: Mad Cowboy

by honey whitlock (06.30.05 03:04 am)

NY NY is a great movie. Very underrated. DiNiro and Liza make the best straight couple ever. So sick.

Im not sure what I meant about the gay men thing.

Re: Mad Cowboy

by cora (06.30.05 06:02 am)

Art leads, it does not trace, reveal or solve questions. Is there anyone who's into art on this website?

Re: Mad Cowboy

by history (06.30.05 07:57 am)

as quick as the flashback is: the year that Hitler began to “order” was 1933 not 1931 and construction of the Haus der Kunst as we know it today was completed in 1937.

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (06.30.05 12:18 pm)

Saving that one - as you know most of the generaly available nazi era history is...well...bso far beyound bad that mere;ly insisting the whole thing was a munich drug deal gone bad sounds...pretty good; all those moscow apologist at the very importnat russian istitue( bmw for me thank you) really - in the trash; which leads to todays wonderfull hard news tid bit (I don't dare enter a library right now - tested it -a title - next day...whole shelf gone and I veven get to stare at the sceevy little fagot behind the counter that did it) ok - yeatserday; 17 lost : today:

Search: Search Advanced

Thirteen bodies recovered from U.S. Afghan crash

52 minutes ago

KABUL (Reuters) - Thirteen bodies have been recovered from the crash site of a U.S. military helicopter in eastern Afghanistan, but another seven U.S. soldiers are unaccounted for, the British Broadcasting Corp said on Thursday.

trying to de-si- ha ha ha ha ha

Mad Cow boy

by Brand Name (06.30.05 01:00 pm)

cowboy, Catgirl, I wonce had some cows and they were gay, the boy ones always humped each other, did the bite on the neck thing 2. c, gay is natural in nature.

The reason Dockers r so important 2 JarryEth is they come w/ the expandable elastic expander panels sewn write in the waistline. So, as j's need for self medicating takes the form of oral needs, his waste line can grow w/ his food intake. His sense of self esteem won't go down w/ all the fast food being shoveled down and serotonin production can go on its merry way unimpeded. Such an upbeat message.

Re: Mad Cowboy

by broken flower (06.30.05 01:15 pm)

Anima/Animus bender in this work. Lets call it AniMooooo.

It was giving me a bad feeling-but as someone said-thats probably the point.

Re: Mad Cowboy

by mountain lion (06.30.05 01:25 pm)

you should go hang out with the cowboys and
see how you feel afterward- specially if you are a city slicker (city-trash if they haven't left the farm in more than one generation)
your perspective vs. how people promote themselves
might put the difficulties of language
and understanding into focus
I'm not trying to be mean-
the point is this
if you take someone from Europe and you put them out on the “range” in Iowa or Montana or Texas or whereever and four generations later that same family is living on the same piece of land
surrounded by 400-10,000+ acres and then
you take their cousins who have lived in a large Metropolis LA, Chicago, NY- where ever-
which ones do you think will have retained
the more European habits? One side of the family has been assimilating with the melting pot and the other definately has not.

Who said art leads? Art does not lead. It never has.

Re: Mad Cowboy

by mountain lion (06.30.05 01:30 pm)

what does being a Marxist pervert have to do with being European?
I went to grad school with this guy who kept trying
to call people who made didn't make very much money
“the prolitariate”
THAT was totally weird
He meant it.

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (06.30.05 01:34 pm)

further - the lumpen bourgiouse....think about it; prolo..../n/mooch:

todays edition - actually looks better in the flesh - big qustion is (pressure board - wandered around after getting a morning pack of cig looking for osmething interesting so...this was waiting to get throw away)

how does it burn???

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (06.30.05 01:51 pm)

ps - you know...packing up and getting those paintings out that are hidden...really nice bobmobile...realy tempted to post it; unfortunatly...that just isn't possible: thus...the charley mobile...major promo with zzz top...see you at rep speed radio man...the whole trip cross america in an mgb with exactly one 3rd rate who song to listen too...everything esle some horrible static...people really buy that stuff; oh now...cible chandon air...fredy opert chevron at seebring and kaplunk - what a gall: Joe what's his name the next wekk..actually...captain jack tonight...lou was the real composer...swear...

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (06.30.05 01:57 pm)

PPS: who nelli! Did you say:“through dreams comes reality” jeezus jimini cricket: check it out (wow - what a coincidence:)

Other Makes : Tiger Tiger  1966  5,000  $6,000.00 - Jun-30 09:04  
Sunbeam Tiger (Alger) 

Other Makes 3/30 Saloon  1971  47,000  $1,000.00 - Jun-30 08:57  
1971 Reliant 3/30 Saloon, 47 K miles, Mr Bean microcar 

Other Makes : minni pick up  1952  922,337,204  $100.00 - Jun-30 06:26  
1952 Crosley Pick Up very rare 

Other Makes : 3dr station wagon  1964  73,584  $100.00 1 Jun-30 06:02  
1964 Hillman Husky wagon 

Other Makes : Reo Speedwagon  1931  999,999  $17,500.00 - Jun-29 21:53  
1931 Reo Speed Wagon - 1 Ton Truck - Excellent 

Other Makes : IMPERIAL  1965 

my recomondation:

should note that if you tried to hitch a ride in the uk in the 70's guys in fords who wern't fags trying to sell you acid (god save the scorts around oxford:"oh now...just a once in a life time visit...jeez) we won't mention the austin/morris 1100: jeez - whole qiid for a blow job - wnn die noow bitch; or...relients...really...nice modest person: no prblem lad...

vauxhalls - always when you were on the way to an address that didn't really exist....

carefull around idustrial sites...I'm...that kind of guy...

Re: Mad Cowboy

by SON OF DALI (06.30.05 05:27 pm)

All art until pop art lead Cubism Impressionism DADA Color Field Surrealism Abstract Ex even Minimal to a degree. Pop found and recycled what the art world is semi blind to so they think its new Thats the reason for it big $$$$ successes Its been accepted in the culture ALREADY

Re: Mad SON OF DALI tell us more.

by Less Fees (06.30.05 05:51 pm)

is rappelling cheating? cuz it's damn fun

must be

Re: Mad Cowboy

by SON OF DALI (06.30.05 06:13 pm)

Why ??Your too “happy” in your mediocrity

Re: nit-pik

by Less Fees (06.30.05 06:20 pm)

nice use of ‘too’ many miss the two o's
'your' should be “you're”
silly isn't it?

Re: Mad Cowboy

by SON OF DALI (06.30.05 07:49 pm)

Dno"t Gvie up Yuor Dya Jbo

Billy mIDOL now on Webcam

by Brand Name (06.30.05 10:12 pm)

ha ha ha ha ha ha. Inks contract 4 Depends.

Mountain lion, nice fumble, the ‘range’ in Iowa, yeah ur Kaluhaless. mayb u should look @ Ida HO aHIa nest door, what were u even thinking? There's some cattle yeah, they look like Jareth, but it's all mono ag: Corn/soybeans. Did u stoner thru all of geogruffy?

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (06.30.05 11:39 pm)

latest...PNZ...:post-nietsche z car - first fully prenegated de-arcadian front wheel designe...really...been working on it a while; probably should be a little longer, but you know...have to be carefull; with a fractured moder/art designe studio.

As for the choice of working tablet - return address envalope for some slides that were inded returned; actually...some where destroyed painting I actually kind of like so...could be another intallment of LOST HISTRY soon - say, circa 99...

Look - really...packing found a fine Bobmobile painting but...I can't show it to you. So...obviously..charley mobile - love it! always -the big question is not, how does it look does it burn , and...this time...pretty darn good!

BB - now with an extra B for Besieged...

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (07.01.05 12:17 am)

uh-oh - pretty cutepic actually ...bring it right into your bedroom: 55...more machine guns in front of the Guggenhiem I guess...

Re: Mad Cowboy

by uri geller (07.01.05 03:16 am)

Anyone calls me the proletariat gets a free introduction tot he wonderfull world of arson, deeeeluxe.

Europeans never assimilated - thats a fucking lie perpetrated by the intelligentsia. For example, where do you think those sunsabitches learned to ride? PERU? Italians still eat noodles you know? No one in my family cooked with Garlic until me - and if thats meltin, well then good on ya mate. They did use sage and lots of it. TUmblin tumbleweeds.

Criminals want to blend in, so thats where my people got that “just folks” image. That and the whole oil field tent and sod home thing tends to make everyone look the same - dirty.

So ya, you take a city slicker (none too clean) and you put em in nature and they'll change color, no doubt.

Might I remind you that art history is an invention of the upper classes to stick it to the working man. This little social climber is doing great. I did get a head start on the whole education thing on account of my parents being of the cloth so to speak - secular humanists or whatever, but freakin' devout you know? Precious little TV and popular culture through the filter of peergroup playtime humiliation. I'm just catching up.

Ice Ice baby.

Cant touch this, its hammer time.

And so on.

Oh and the perv thing - well thats just because the culture is so old its bound to grow a few quirks you know? Fall of the House of Usher. I mean, true story!

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (07.01.05 04:47 pm)

you know...I agree; me an gralic...litle working class twit with art history up the kazoo - sorry : it works; illiterate mob dude dad with the fazzaz; mom sliced up her spaghetti - no real class. Lumpen bourgiouse: ie: drug dealers...a mutyth - they spread it thin to be fair: a contagion of ...all those things...

Re: Mad Cowboy

by broken flower (07.01.05 05:41 pm)

Precious little TV and popular culture through the filter of peergroup playtime humiliation. I'm just catching up.
Im just the opposite. Reading Mom's Photoplays at 5. Gramma's National Inquirer too, back when it was really sleezy.
Plus I watched everything on TV and listened to the radio all the time.
All that pollution, and still I feel pure sometimes? How can that be?

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (07.01.05 07:14 pm)

many of the popular favorites where actually written by the great masters like...

actually - havn't watch since vietnam : prisnor...all of em, pyhon, etc...then ganmgs broke through and trashed the house: wasn't mine...some len too - so - take it away - I don't give a shit: other hand...check out the price almost tempting:

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (07.02.05 12:11 am)

that bad you guys - but I presume they mean to mak e it up on the big “Live 8” show.....

on the other hand - I know what happen to em latter - hopinng around porsche squeeling:“i'm from queeens - I'm from queens” oh ...sure you are big feela: Or a...famously...havn't seen em in years:“I'm a gam;ler...I'm gamler...ofh that emralnd green 3300 ...ussed to be mine...”

ain't any more -t hat 20hp rolls is still storage as far as I know:

Other Makes : pantera detomaso  1971  95,000  $5,000.00 1 Jul-01 19:15  
pantera detomaso 1971 hall 400 hp engine no reserve !!! 

Other Makes : 6 85A AUBURN  1930  80,546  $20,000.00 - Jul-01 18:26  

Other Makes : Avanti II  1973  117,200  $6,000.00 - Jul-01 18:00  
1973 Avanti II, Original California Car-117K miles 

Ford Pantera  1972  25,900  $10,100.00 2 Jul-01 17:30  
Pantera 1972 Detomaso other makes Ford 

Other Makes : DELAHAYE SPORT BERLINE Type 148L  1948  9,999  $25,000.00 - Jul-01 16:34  
DELAHAYE Type 148L Letourneur et Marchand Sport Berline 

Other Makes : COUPE  1938  160  $2,000.00 1 Jul-01 15:30  

Other Makes : Pantera DeTomaso  1973  4,818  $19,600.00 7 Jul-01 14:56  
1973 Pantera DeTomaso, Restored,5k miles look look 

Re: Mad Cowboy

by uri geller (07.02.05 04:01 am)

So in that light how transgressive is McCarthy in 2005? Not at all, unless you count the decadent budget. woooeeeee. As a social commentary? Against or avbout what?

I'd say its pretty much straight up entertainment at this point - Kind of like Beastmaster - bad die job on the tiger and plenty of gimp action — very subversive, and for 1982 highly titilating for a mainstream movie.

getting in a lot of cable, i'm really mesmerized.

The Legend of 1900 : Dare we make a comparison to Hillary Harknesses aquatic limbo? Well I know plenty of folks on the same boat.

Re: Mad Cowboy

by mountain lion (07.02.05 03:37 pm)

Are you suggesting that we forget
the 20th century ever existed?
Yes, let's. Let's forget.

that arsen joke had me lol.

what is it with these “I will rule the world with my art” people?

cubism didn't lead except maybe to lead some artists to think about space and time. Everyone else already does that.

Re: kitchen range Cowboy

by mountain lion (07.02.05 04:25 pm)

were you drunk?

Re: Mad Cowboy

by jackieou (07.02.05 11:45 pm)

RAnge? Like range rover - like...the first delux all terain vehical designed specificaly for a flat earth (ha ha ha) - it was nice about 2 weeks ago so you could without a headach: set up: bronz rang rover, hot miitsubishi - he “calssic” partialy sriped MGB with a mdelk a nest (I'll take the A) quick sighting of a very nice B GT (too bad...nice car - they let me drive one once - like...get that aston away from me) and , ofcourse, the rome algesbra 2 360 Honda...still waiting for them to get bored (muscle and TVR acrss the larry't touch it.)

ok: I like this grid:

Grandprix of France - Qualifying Result
 Pos. Driver Time
1 Fernando Alonso  (Spain,Renault)
Renault R25 RS25 V10 - Michelin 1' 14'' 412 
2 Jarno Trulli  (Italy,Toyota)
Toyota TF105 RVX-05 V10 - Michelin + 109 
3 Kimi Raikkonen  (Finland,McLaren)
McLaren MP4/20 Mercedes FO110R V10 - Michelin + 147 
4 Michael Schumacher (Germany,Ferrari)
Ferrari F2005 055 V10 - Bridgestone + 160 
5 Takuma Sato  (Japan,BAR)
BAR 007 Honda RA005E V10 - Michelin + 243 
6 Rubens Barrichello  (Brazil,Ferrari)
Ferrari F2005 055 V10 - Bridgestone + 420 
7 Giancarlo Fisichella  (Italy,Renault)
Renault R25 RS25 V10 - Michelin + 475 
8 Jenson Button  (England,BAR)
BAR 007 Honda RA

and..don't bother sort of a number line mistake +1 -1...0 ...etc:

Extra race a possibility as F1 looks to repair relations in US
MAGNY-COURS, France (AFP) - Formula One could return to the United States at the end of the year in a bid to repair its tarnished image, said McLaren team principal Ron Dennis.
The sport's aspirations of becoming popular in the country were hit hard after a chaotic race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway ... more

Re: Mad Cowboy

by alienbarbiebaby (07.03.05 06:50 pm)

See - finaly seen the light; little guy has finaly learned to find his rightful place in life - like my assist on the pope hit, tan a but longer than I hoped, but negating that cheasy ferrrari show from MOMa is finaly paying off (had people invite me as I sat sipping at the mars: nooo...I'm not going)

I hate cars in art museums...cisita;ia...real...telex history...even a mini - no; e type: vomit...why..jags a little rare thses days. That sprint car I liked.

1 Fernando Alonso  (Spain,Renault)
Renault R25 RS25 V10 - Michelin 1h 31' 22'' 233 
2 Kimi Raikkonen  (Finland,McLaren)
McLaren MP4/20 Mercedes FO110R V10 - Michelin + 11'' 805 
3 Michael Schumacher (Germany,Ferrari)
Ferrari F2005 055 V10 - Bridgestone + 1' 21'' 914 
4 Jenson Button  (England,BAR)
BAR 007 Honda RA005E V10 - Michelin + 1 lap
5 Jarno Trulli  (Italy,Toyota)
Toyota TF105 RVX-05 V10 - Michelin + 1 lap
6 Giancarlo Fisichella  (Italy,Renault)
Renault R25 RS25 V10 - Michelin + 1 lap
7 Ralf Schumacher (Germany,Toyota)
Toyota TF105 RVX-05 V10 - Michelin + 1 lap
8 Jacques Villeneuve (Canada,Sauber)
Sauber C24 Petronas 05A V10 -

Re: Mad Cowboy

by jackieou (07.05.05 09:50 am)

You know...we've got thise whole crazy crazy back in time thing going, sudenly occured to me, that...on some astral plain (where I meet most of my grilfrienmds these days) I've been moving forward - just remembered me first “tour” newport...variouse antques squireled away; actually...last time really like...924s, out here mustangs...2012...tghe whole miata experienec (oops: legal car - wear to god I'd buy one oif they'd let me work)- can't wait for 2024 - was hoping for one of those brown boxes - broken 71 dicati (some guy with an austin america is the midewest sent a chack for half off ebay...then disapiered) Woseley without an engine...probably some broken alfa parts off ebay “really just ain't worth it....”

I'll buy you a cadalac
I'll will buy you a cadalac
I'll will buy buy buy you a cadalac
just give me some of your love now
just give me some of your love now...

Re: Mad Cowboy

by uri geller (07.06.05 02:52 am)

I hadn't seen Clockwatchers, and it made me want to stab myself with a number 2 Venus Velvet. I really like corporate slack, but how much meaningless activity can the human mind take? I once heard of someone who was supposed to make a computer Y2k compliant without the slightest programming ability to do so. So they sat at a desk the whole day like a security guard. True story.

Gave away a stencil with instructions for proper framing. Banksy, my biggest influence.

Aparently I used to be funny (roomate) and I should work out (friends aunt). Feedback is great. YHou know my strenths - spelling and grammar and stuff. Let me know if you need anything sorted, I'm really great with colors and shapes.


by oops ment (07.06.05 03:13 am)

Re: Mad Cowboy

by honey whitlock (07.06.05 12:02 pm)

Seen clkwtchers numerous times and got sucked in again last night. Its the story of my life—well part of my life. Love those grls. What isnt meaningless activity? The problem is not that its meaningless, its that its not YOUR meaningless activity.

Great stuff on ifc lately. The filth and the fury was excellent.

Re: Mad Cowboy

by mountain lion (07.06.05 02:03 pm)

haven't seen Clockwatchers
nice trompe l'oil with stencils
when you have the form you have the picture
The subversive part about McCarthy feels very deep to me. Here's why- I feel that he is talking about Beauty. Somewhere in the little text that Kant wrote, hidden and eluded to between about seven paragraphs is the inclusion of copulation on the side of Beauty.
While M.'s work is visibly gross, his adherence to talking about certain dirty subjects without crossing ‘lines of subversion’ that might actually get him into serious trouble, has me fascinated enough to conteplate whether it is Beauty.

Re: Who's the most Offensive Cowboy?

by broken flower (07.06.05 02:31 pm)

wonder if pataki would agree

Re: Mad Cowboy

by Jareth (07.06.05 03:54 pm)

yup i enjoy! - punk month next... here come the brits, - feh. check out mainstream do the indies as well - just got done a conversation about mtv with murderball and hustle and flow and all! ,.. reading w.koestenbaum's warhol... wonder what andy would think of all this.

Re: Mad Cowboy

by mountain lion (07.06.05 04:19 pm)

every good film HAS a love scene

Your artwork needs a love scene

I want to be a love scene

love scene

Re: Mad Cowboy

by Jareth (07.06.05 05:01 pm)

What is love
I want no other
No other love
This is your life
our time
When we are together
I need you forever
Is it love

Jareth is a fake.

by Jareth jr. (07.06.05 10:04 pm)

I've ben adbucted by Elvis.

Sucky Institute, the bulge between charlie Finch's chin and dick. hasn't seen his dick since 1966.

oh look i have a son, charming.

by Jareth (07.06.05 10:24 pm)

fake what? pray tell.

Jareth Jr. is real

by oops ment (07.07.05 01:17 am)

I've ben abducted by Elves