Re: West Side Peers

by acg (08.28.05 09:15 am)

I am surprised you would write such a favorable review of the Meier towers as they are no better thought out or finished than the West Elm store on 18th street.
What poor, fashion influenced reporting.
Give it a rest!

Re: West Side Peers

by jackieou (08.30.05 11:31 pm)

oh...really white and old; actually - they skiped over my turner soutine qustion (the soutine being a bequest - the turner owned by whome); like how that bearded bald headed guys managed to sudenly get it returnned; say...venazuala to boston to riems..I believe that's where those boats are arriving from), but...what ever: I like this one: superdome ussage; how abouty old Robert stern...what happened to him; kind of a short guy (superdome: could..yup...could be an astrix at work...have to be carefull...robert...maybe...they have guy wide whoman of bordenos) or..those peter eisman people in the times a while back...zig zag people...that's the problem with conceptual architecture people when a really big building falls down. Actualy...we glance through the times, scan reading when the inetrnational drug trade is in controle of the white house: funny ideas of what's alowable>

It's really bad.

Big Buildings in NY: who owns the free wholed (sic) lease: how does the money trickle in : did catch a glance for some reason of a pic of that Phillip Johnson building that looks like the top of a chair: almost looks good: don't you hate that:

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Hundreds feared dead on storm-ravaged U.S. coast

By Rick Wilking
46 minutes ago

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Helicopters plucked frantic survivors from rooftops, debris-fouled water flooded historic New Orleans and hundreds were feared dead on Tuesday after Hurricane Katrina's rampage across the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Authorities made plans to remove thousands of storm refugees from the Superdome stadium and other shelters in New Orleans and drop giant sandbags to plug breaches in the city's protective levee system, which allowed water from Lake Pontchartrain to swamp the streets.

Looters struck the devastated city, rolling carts full of merchandise and carrying bundles from downtown stores.

Re: West Side Peers

by jackieou (08.30.05 11:35 pm)

ps: get to those altriums latter; actually visted the one in detroit before it was finished (yuck) detroit gp...really...don't ask; workd at avery for years even...yes..for hours...the turn of the century guillotien...know how many books I was the last to read there are in that library....

a lot.

don't mention berlin early twentieth centuy novels at butler like...instant highend hooker

“Corb 27 please...”

always with very upright vintage cars,,,

Can't be dead.

by shitbag (08.31.05 12:35 am)

If you never lived. Goat head, ask the choir for the PC response. Dilapidated hum-body. Let the Rabbit eat Trix. Stick the dog in the well okay why not do it for yourselfish shellfish time-line out to play the gone-time blues without shoes and....ragheadtime.



Yo mama so fat she put on a malcolm X t-shirt and skydivers landed on her.

Re: West Side Peers

by jackieou (08.31.05 01:08 am)

see - actually a decent segway: 18th street: actually, my route from the upper west side (upper west side hot plate cub; last member of a trotskeite groupe I was never actually a member of) on mmy 400/4 ss was sown rsd to like 79th, 12th down, mayb a left at 14th, sometimes furth down to...a little break where their actualy ussed to be a rolls to make my way over to washington down passed ups...really open it up...then through so-ho: la mars: a single rolling rock. I dunno - noted soe mystery building: a;ready 30% filed: international export; all those incrediable new products pouring in from rome designe studios...gosh; that watergate cd player...I swear; show could be pretty good - I do teeny-tiny: red and yello - akways leather even in this weather: check the brit bike mages...really. you get hurt. 18th...sounds desperate: book packaging....I dunno: thi would be my choice for an opening date; always fix me up with some cuty I can't quite remember and like...I wait...these babes and...she'd doing old lady: screeeeeeeeetch

they wuldn't let me have theat 360...

this one's good:

Re: West Side Peers are everywhere.

by scumbag (08.31.05 01:43 am)

Look at 'em! Go ahead. Look!

See that Jersey BLDG in the background?


Re: West Side Peers

by Dutch Boy (08.31.05 03:47 am)

When you get to the top you get back to the bottom and do it again, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah,

go do your laundry at the New New Orleans Laundrodome!!!

Richard Meier - he made one of those houses to get environmental disease in - either that or convenient balconies for autoerotic asphyxiation.

Loft living is so over dudes. THe new new is pods. People want to cocoon away their everyday. Its hard getting up to get back

the remote controll.

Re: West Side Peers

by Dutch Boy (08.31.05 03:48 am)

Diller and Scofido are being plagiarized as we speak. Can you believe that?

I can't.

Re: West Side Peers

by Dutch Boy (08.31.05 04:17 am)

Look down from on high, or low, I don't know. Gimme shelter.

Re: West Side Peers

by jackieou (08.31.05 11:44 pm)

I'm the one that ussed to walk by they're little store front there on 2nd and say: fuck-you! Cock sucker blues? That's why there's so few 69 z 28s! Actually fuck Mick - the thing to watch for is a coco channel thing...those girls? That bad.

Ok...looks pretty bad: says arnolt bristol but...picture of a dog and listing removed by ebay: arnolt bristol was the first car I ever road in; Jonny wietz raced em at seebring.One of thos epromoting retro bmw they sent around was styled on it - there's a few lieinga round and I thought they'd just give me one

Really. Rover 2000- you know the score( combustion chamber in the piston: flat roofed head, hmmm)

and: period car and driver road test on this worth finding; actually through like 71 or so car and driver was NY bassed and...kind of interesting; people with alieses: rumour over lunch at delmonicos...great photography: rated dolly catcher:

Re: West Side smash and trrash

by kingofallmedia (08.31.05 11:59 pm)

everyones sayin this and saying that but no ones sayin....

Re: West Side Peers aka: pre-cog today

by jackieou (09.01.05 01:32 am)

Anticipated arcadianism in a quatrology: you laugh: I knew I was going through some changes, I knew I was in a tough position, I knew, practically, changes of identity (criminals seeking new identities; people with fals identities and personas sudenly mutating ) was in the cards all around me, so, knowing life was in fourths when I had only one, I made a very big decision. I called around; glib to enamies; always...inevatable: a name, a lucky worm; an office; a fake job at a fake corperation handeling, well, pre- LLP money - ...I made a tough decision: Kill the worm, steal the id and steal the job and...steal the sun glasses: voila: my new office in Little Beroit on a ring road: I wear sun glasses and stair at the sun set while waiting, always waiting for the phone to ring. These are tough times

carbe, 23

PS: I am also now a la Forza girl: deal with it. You will never find me: where ever you look you wil see in your mind, yes...a la forza girl.

everybody sayin' this and sayin' that but nobody sayin'

by stewpid (09.01.05 01:45 am)

Fuck Off kingofallmedia?

Re: What I'm sayin'

by Dutch Boy (09.01.05 07:22 am)

The Nam Shub of Enki

If you approached a red traffic light 37,000 miles per second, it would appear green.


by Jareth (09.01.05 07:27 am)

lets see... ..
Artmarket for outsiders


Re: West Side Peers

by jackieou (09.01.05 11:25 pm)

got that on my page: what to do if it turns out dad is a clone“ very heavy: and....dutch boy; I call em ”Mirror brains" actually - got your 944 yet? Think it's styled on clogs so when you're in rome late at night they can do a match race thing and you see these shows running around really fast - hard to explain such a dreadfull designe any other way. Sort of a sports theam so...egg shit dope moves best this week; expect a torrid pyramid; orriginal was a classic - now the most over developed designe in racing; I presume he is being facicious on some leval - actually - a bad over tweaked car at this point ; not a good signe if doing well in my opinion: Button - eh - little nazi barbie doll; crash your diablo again pimp:


McLaren should win all remaining races, says Button
Thu 01 Sep, 6:17 PM

view photo
MONZA, Italy (Reuters) - McLaren are so much quicker than their Formula One rivals that they should win the remaining five races of the season, according to BAR's Jenson Button.
The Briton said, however, that he still expected Renault's Spaniard Fernando Alonso, who has a 24 point lead over McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen, to take the drivers' title and become the youngest champion.

Re: West Side Peers

by uri geller (09.02.05 04:22 am)

I dare somebody. Kind of Euro no?

Re: West Side Peers

by alienbarbiebaby (09.02.05 07:43 pm)

see - this is coming up; check in, paypal done: check out the cd - want the first clash, not there...latter stuff...a little heavy; ice hocky masks...that sort of thing. Buy it on ebay. Ditto here; over did it inb die cast, back on...nothing there: looking...looking: voial:

andrea..yup: Buddy Holly Glass Frames. Oh jeez, hung out with witmore; actualy - F 5000 like 69: eggman's poor mans F 500o for vietnam drug making it clear (pinsky 330) we don't do this any more as he pointed to a mclaren no...andrea had the montreal engined mclaren entered sort of wasn't there. Just an empty trailer. Very sad; I liked alfas.Sort of a hint. Actualy, that Jim, Hall designed boat nosed indy /5000 car was here...almost a chapparal...I dunno - noce model but ah...I don't think I can bod. Monza car apranetly.

Re: West Side Peers

by THE ARTIST (10.03.05 07:09 pm)

Is Irony /Post-Modernism a form of Apologizing?
Could one see irony as a apology for not being modern or not being able to attack the issues straight on? For fear of looking “old Fashion”?

Re: West Side Peers

by uri geller (10.04.05 02:24 am)
hit return dude
you are a poser.