Armed with a Projector: GULF takes on Guggenheim


(RE: Armed with a Projector, Activists Protest Guggenheim’s...)

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Romania’s Culture Minister Resigns After Dispute at the Opera - comment


(It is encouraging to see an equilibrate view...)

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Church and State


(SLANT - Another ace review Claudia. No one makes dance...)

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Metropolitan Museum to Cut Jobs Due to $10 Million Deficit


(The Met is experiencing extreme budget upset, which...)

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William Kentridge


(500 WORDS - Many thanks for this beautiful coverage.  As curator...)

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A Moment Like This


(DIARY - A good article and surprisingly balanced from a...)

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“Accused Rapist...”


(“Accused Rapist”???!!! So, now he IS a “rapist”....)

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Remember the Alamo


(FILM - This is horribly written. “Dudester fart comedy”? “His...)

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