McKee Gallery


(Note with much regret the closure of so...)

1 message, Thursday 05.21 07:46 am

Unauthorized Biography


(FILM - Great piece.)

1 message, Monday 05.18 11:31 pm

Maze Runner


(DIARY - boo hoo; the art world is boring; i...)

1 message, Sunday 05.17 10:39 pm

Rachel Rosenthal


(The obituary for Rachel Rosenthal described her as...)

2 messages, Thursday 05.14 01:54 am

talks with Michelle Kuo about the upcoming 56th Venice Biennale


(IN PRINT - We are concerned about the Venice Biennale claim...)

1 message, Saturday 05.02 01:38 am

Hito Steyerl


(PICKS - That's a nice and pious hope for change,...)

2 messages, Tuesday 04.21 07:41 pm

Jean-Michel Basquiat


(IN PRINT - Such an excellent article Mr. O'Brien. Spot on...)

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