Jack Burnham  (1931–2019)

Jack Burnham (1931–2019)

Melissa Ragain on Jack Burnham

Excerpts from an interview with Bunny Rogers

Excerpts from an interview with Bunny Rogers

Bunny Rogers talks about the motivations behind her work in an excerpt from this interview. 

PRINT Summer 1967

Notes on Sculpture, Part 3

Robert Morris

SEEING AN OBJECT IN REAL space may not be a very immediate experience. Aspects are experienced; the whole is assumed or constructed. Yet it is the presumption that the constructed “thing” is more real than the illusory and changing aspects afforded by varying perspective views and illumination. We have no apprehension of the totality of an object other than what has been constructed from incidental views under various conditions. Yet this process of “building” the object from immediate sense data is homogeneous: there is no point in the process where any conditions of light or perspective indicate