advertising opportunities provides access to its exclusive audience via banner advertising. Please note that certain advertising placements are limited to galleries only and are stated as such. All advertising is sold monthly or annually.


50% S.O.V., shared sponsorship. 190,000 pageviews
  • 234w x 60h pixels

NEWS, PICKS, IN PRINT, VIDEO, and PREVIEWS offer sole sponsorship of
banner A and skyscraper B. Both positions sit above the fold of the page.

  • Essential international news from the art world. 55,000 pageviews
  • Web-exclusive reviews of gallery and museum shows. 50,000 pageviews
  • Select content from the current issue and access to the complete digital archive. 55,000 pageviews
  • Artists’, documentary, and music videos. 20,000 pageviews
  • Current and upcoming international museum shows. 8,000 pageviews

  • 234w x 60h pixels
  • 160w x 240h pixels

DIARY, 500 WORDS, and FILM offer sole sponsorship of banner A,
skyscraper B, large leaderboard C,
and small leaderboard D.

Banner A and skyscraper B positions sit above the fold of the page.
Large and small leaderboards are integrated inbetween editorials.

  • Scene & Herd: The art world’s social diary. 110,000 pageviews
  • Artists, architects, filmmakers, and others discuss current projects. 25,000 pageviews
  • of new releases, seminal films, and festivals. 50,000 pageviews

  • 234w x 60h pixels
  • 160w x 240h pixels
  • 600w x 155h pixels
  • 600w x 50h pixels

ARTGUIDE offers banners that are sold individually and on a monthly basis.
All banner positions sit above the fold of the page

  • The most comprehensive live index of galleries,
    museums, and events world wide. 75,000 pageviews

  • 234w x 60h pixels
  • 120w x 240h pixels

ROTATING BUTTON Appears on every editorial page of the site.
Each button links to the advertiser’s website.

Large rotating button receives 12 million impressions per year.
Small rotating button receives 3 million impressions per year.

Available for galleries only.

  • 110w x 110h pixels
  • 80w x 80h pixels


Our monthly Newsletter and weekly Dispatch are delivered to the inboxes of our
loyal audience: over 130,000 registered users of

A monthly digest featuring highlights from the current print issues.

Top, middle, bottom banners - sole sponsorship

  • 600w x 120h pixels

Every Wednesday, Dispatch delivers the scoop on the international art world:
headlines, happenings, and Must See shows.

Top, middle, bottom banners - sole sponsorship
Rates are based on frequency.

  • 655w x 150h pixels


  • RGB colorspace.
  • 72 dpi max actual size.
  • No looping restrictions.
  • All GIF animations must have at least a 3-second delay between frames.
  • We accept standard JPEG, PNG, GIF (animated and static) as well as Flash (SWF) files.
  • Please provide an ad tag (URL) all ads.
  • For Flash (SWF) files, please refer to the guidelines below.


  • 512k max physical file size.
  • RGB colorspace.
  • 72 dpi max actual size.
  • If audio/video is a part of the advertisement, the audio/video component should only be activated by end-user initiation.
  • The final Flash (SWF) file should be self-contained and not rely on or include outside resources.
  • We highly recommend that all Flash (SWF) files that are submitted to us use the industry standard getURL() method for handling links in the ad. Using the getURL() allows us to ensure more accurate tracking of ad performance via our ad system. Technical details on how to properly implement getURL() scripting in your ad are provided on Adobe’s and Macromedia’s websites.
  • If you do not have the capability to implement the getURL() method, all links/URLs should be embedded/hard-coded in the Flash (SWF) file.
  • To avoid compatibility issues, we recommend you make sure the “compress movie” option is unchecked when exporting/saving the Flash (SWF) ad.
  • All Flash (SWF) ads should be accompanied by a non-animated backup ad in JPEG or GIF format in case of difficulties encountered with the Flash (SWF) file.


We welcome the opportunity to place special/non-standard formats, but they must be cleared for compatibility with our production department prior to the posting of your ad to ensure the smooth launch of your campaign.