Ad Reinhardt

  • Chronology by Ad Reinhardt

    On August 30, 1967, Ad Reinhardt died of a heart attack at his studio in New York City. The chronology below, written for the catalog of his exhibition drier this year at the Jewish Museum, reflects the singular combination of irony, wit and profound dedication which was Ad Reinhardt and of which the world of art is now so prematurely deprived.

    1913 Born New York, Christmas Eve, nine months after Armory Show. (Father leaves “old country” for America in 1907 after serving in Tsar Nicholas’ army. Mother leaves Germany in 1909.)

    1913 Malevich paints first geometric-abstract painting.

    1914 Matisse

  • Three Statements


    This painting is my painting if I paint it.

    This painting is your painting if you paint it.

    This painting is any painter’s painting.

    This painting is anyone’s painting, with few exceptions.

    This painting is personal, impersonal, transpersonal.

    This painting belongs to anyone who wants it.

    This painting does not belong to anyone who doesn’t want it.

    This painting is free (not a free-for-all) for anyone, with few exceptions.

    This painting cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated.

    This painting is not copyrighted, is not protected and may be