Adelle Mills

  • Dale Harding, What is theirs is ours now (I do not claim to own), 2018, dry pigment and binder on linen, 6 x 15 1/2'.
    picks June 11, 2021

    Dale Harding

    Dale Harding’s solo exhibition “Through a Lens of Visitation” attempts to piece together his matrilineal heritage by juxtaposing intricate quilted pieces by his mother, Kate Harding, with a selection of his own paintings, sculptures and felt works, which were partially inspired by his mother’s ancestral home, Carnarvon Gorge. By insisting on the titular “lens of visitation,” the artist reminds us that our relationship to these works is inherently transient. This kind of provocation may be familiar to the settler psyche in Australia, where those without an ancestral connection to the land are