Alex Jovanovich

  • Rachel Foullon, For Albany (Dickie), 2012, canvas, vintage Eastern white pine, dye, stain, hardware, 18’ x 18’ x 16’.
    picks October 24, 2012

    Rachel Foullon

    Thomas Hart Benton, Claire McCardell, John Ford, and Susan Howe, among many others, have reimagined America’s pioneering history as a romance of self-sustenance and hard work that carries an authenticity far greater than anything modern life could possibly allow. Rachel Foullon’s first solo exhibition at a museum, “Braided Sun,” which spans almost a decade’s worth of work, is a meditation on this cultural impulse, as she takes the emblems and materials of our hardscrabble agricultural past and transforms them into luminously beautiful, even fetishistic, sculptural objects.

    Foullon’s “Cruel