Alexander Provan

  • View of “Peter Young,” 2013. Foreground: #1–1990. Background: #5–1996 (detail).

    Peter Young

    Peter Young is often spoken of as a neglected artist, having fallen into obscurity after he abandoned New York and the art world in 1969, at the zenith of his renown, to wander the world, commune with Indian tribes, paint on canvases stretched over pine branches, and settle, two years later, in the ersatz mining town of Bisbee, Arizona. But Young, decided to recede from view and fixed the terms of his own neglect. An explanation can be found in the title of this survey, “Capitalist Masterpieces.” After selling one of his whorling-dot paintings to New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art, he

  • CEO and cofounder of Google Sergey Brin wearing a Google Glass during a product demonstration for Google I/O 2012, Moscone Center, San Francisco, June 27, 2012. Photo: Stephen Lam/Reuters.

    touch screens

    APPLE HAS FILED PATENTS for Pinch-to-Zoom, Slide-to-Unlock, Multifinger Twisting, Double-Tap-to-Zoom, and Over-Scroll Bounce, aka Rubber-Banding, among other functional finger gestures. The company is indisputably striving to corner the market on how we move our fingers across screens, how we scan and massage images. This was evident in August, when Apple won a major copyright-infringement lawsuit against Samsung and was awarded one billion dollars in damages, bringing us closer to the apocalypse Steve Jobs augured a few years ago in his Herman Kahn–inspired attack on Google’s Android OS: “I’m