Amelia Farley

  • Dani Leder, Hedonistic Sustainability, 2018, oil, acrylic, and aluminum on canvas, 30 x 40".
    picks December 21, 2018

    Dani Leder

    Dani Leder’s figurative mixed-media paintings read like scenes of abject theater. In Hedonistic Sustainability (all works 2018), for instance, a projection screen casts its sickly green glow over the disinterested, young, hipper-than-thou dramatis personae gathered in a room. A guy in a hoodie locks lips with his beer bottle and gazes into nowhere, while two egg-like, ambiguously human onlookers sulk in a corner. Leder heat-maps small details of the mise-en-scène in conflagrant red (an aglet, a painted fingernail, a lit cigarette), dropping clues to some vague plot.

    On an adjacent wall is Nivea