Amelia Rina

  • picks March 12, 2021

    Vo Vo

    “Fire, never a gentle teacher”; “the economy will be perfect when all our workers have died”; “NO SWERFS NO TERFS THANKS”; “USA = no. 1!”; “What does your solidarity look like?” Phrases such as these, interspersed with various kinds of imagery, are emblazoned across bedsheet-size banners that hang from ceiling of this gallery. Throughout this exhibition, Portland-based artist Vo Vo seeks to maintain the vocabulary and spirit of resistance in the wake of 2020’s endless crises and chaos.

    Vo worries that we’re relaxing too much in this new, post-Trump landscape. They know that we can’t go back to

  • picks June 01, 2018

    Summer Wheat

    The experience of viewing Summer Wheat’s paintings and sculptures for the first time produces an inordinate number of pleasurable surprises. From afar, her large-scale wall pieces playfully fluctuate between being tapestries and paintings; yet upon closer inspection, they are indeed both. Wheat works by pushing thick, claylike paint through sheets of mesh. The resulting textures resemble rich, woven textiles, or rows of tassels.

    Wheat’s subject matter also rewards prolonged contemplation. In Gamekeepers (all works 2018), different kinds of animals, including a horse, snake, bear, and fish, blend