Amy Jones

  • Daiga Grantina, Temple #1, 2020, wood, fabric, plastic, ink, 16 1⁄2 × 26 3⁄8 × 2". From the series “Temples,” 2020–.

    Daiga Grantina

    Emalin’s new sun-filled space in London’s Shoreditch is a natural home for the wall-based assemblages of Paris-based artist Daiga Grantina. She has long been preooccupied with light and its sculptural qualities, having developed her practice from an interest in experimental filmmaking. Her recent exhibition “Temples” continued these inquiries, with light from two walls of windows providing an ideal setting for her sculptural investigations.

    The work here contrasted starkly with Grantina’s solo exhibition at New York’s New Museum in 2020–21, where a riot of color, texture, and sculptural gesture