Ana Tuazon

  • Catalina Ouyang, The Passion, 2021, steel, marble stolen from the Skull and Bones Society, horse radius, oil paint, and The Passion According to G.H. (Clarice Lispector, 1988, University of Minnesota Press), 33 1/2 x 10 x 18".
    picks October 01, 2021

    Catalina Ouyang

    Catalina Ouyang’s new work in “White Male Ally” interrogates the psychosomatic links between trauma, memory, and the body. The installation ego death, 2021, built around a replica of a trench toilet, is the show’s eerie centerpiece. This type of communal latrine was popular in China during the 1980s and ’90s, disposing of waste via one long, open channel of water that passed between doorless stalls. Ouyang’s structure is psychically charged and raises myriad questions about privacy, “dirtiness,” and shame. In the piece’s individual stalls are small sculptural tableaux, such as The Passion, 2021,