Ana Vukadin

  • Brigitte Schindler, La persistenza della memoria. S. D. (The Persistence of Memory, S.D.), 2019, color print on cotton paper, 86 1/2 x 58".
    picks June 11, 2021


    Ever since the enigmatic Italian architect and designer Carlo Mollino died in 1973, leaving behind a secret residence in Turin, wildly improbable speculations concerning the apartment’s “true” purpose have enthralled the art world. Whatever conjecture shrouds Casa Mollino, its allure and beauty are undeniable, and it has become a site of pilgrimage for art enthusiasts.

    “Mollino/Insides” is a testament to the designer’s enduring legacy and impact on artists today. The three-person show teases a look inside the flat through paintings by Enoc Perez and photography by Brigitte Schindler, which are