Anaxtu Zabalbeascoa

  • Joan Fontcuberta

    The impossibility of truth, its subjectivity, and its elusive, schizophrenic nature inform Joan Fontcuberta’s extensive body of work. He has focused his investigation not only on the nature of artifice but also on its resulting formal appearance as well as its implied social and cultural corollary (kitsch taste as a popular phenomenon, Umberto Eco’s “mid cult” as the culture in-between—the loss of reference—and the impossibility of disassociating images from their natural contexts without creating new contexts, images, and meanings). In this respect, Fontcuberta’s post-Conceptual work, with its

  • Tom Otterness

    Tom Otterness’ work investigates the nature of public monuments, their social and psychological implications, and their artistic value. A founding member of Collaborative Projects Inc., Otterness considers his small figurines as carriers of a mock monumentality. The Tables, an installation begun in 1986, invites the viewer to enter a new frame of reference—of cultural memory, parody, and allegory. From a child’s perspective, the audience sinks into an unreal world where distortions in scale, role, and relationship among characters help to reveal the almost surreal scene taking place in the work.