Andrea Long Chu


    "ALL WOMEN ARE LESBIANS,” the writer Jill Johnston told a packed house of rowdy New York literati in the spring of 1971, two years and forty blocks removed from the violent queer riots that consecrated the Mafia-owned Stonewall Inn as Ground Zero of gay liberation. Johnston was fighting the same war in a different theater—the Town Hall theater on West Forty-Third Street, to be exact, now bristling with cultural elites who had paid twenty-five dollars a head to hear a debate on the women’s movement. “All women are lesbians,” Johnston told them, “except those who don’t know it, naturally.”


    THE PROTAGONIST of Alex Norris’s Webcomic Name, hosted on Tumblr since July 2016, is a simple pink cartoon blob with four pseudopodal limbs, two dots for eyes, and a single line for a mouth, which Norris tends to draw just shy of an em dash, with the result that its owner often reads as both a little happy and a little sad, or maybe just one of those, or maybe neither. In every strip, the blob wants something. It tries on a bra or gets a new job or has a fling. It overeats and oversleeps and underprepares. It looks in the mirror, tells a secret, has a sex dream, takes public transit; it flirts,