Anne Higonnet

  • View of the Frick Madison featuring Giovanni Bellini’s St. Francis in the Desert, ca. 1476–78, with a trapezoidal window conceived by Marcel Breuer. Photo: Joe Coscia.
    slant April 06, 2021

    Gray Eminence

    ON THE FACE OF IT, the reinstallation of selected works of art from the Frick Collection in the Breuer building at 875 Madison Avenue provides a refreshing change. After as much as a century in the same setting, masterpieces once embedded in a Gilded Age mansion are now out on their own. Hung on the plain walls of a concrete Brutalist icon, spaced apart from each other, paintings, sculptures, porcelains, two rugs, and some great eighteenth-century French furniture have temporarily jettisoned the ornate wood paneling, lavish curtain window treatments, and decorous fountain courtyard of what was