Ashton Cooper

  • Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Mirror Ground Study (_1990600), 2016, ink-jet print in artist's frame, 24 7/8 x 21 5/8".
    picks November 01, 2018


    This five-person group show, spread across two gallery locations, has its most cogent moment in the pairing of sculptor Julia Phillips and photographer Paul Mpagi Sepuya, both of whom create disorienting objects with unsettling relationships to the body. Phillips’s Intruder Study IV, 2017, is a phantasmal pseudo-tool that performs the titular action (intrusion) via a twenty-five-inch-long spiraling shaft, resembling an outsize drill bit, that at first glance appears to be made of metal. The clue to its actual composition is the jackhammer-type handle from which it hangs, an eleven-inch-wide

  • Linda Stark, Burr Weave, 2012, oil and burrs on canvas over panel, 13 x 14 x 2”.
    picks October 09, 2018

    “My most striking Feature is my Fist”

    Thick waxy stripes of red paint intersect to form a gingham pattern in Linda Stark’s thirteen-by-fourteen-inch painting Burr Weave, 2012. The cheery design is disrupted at the bottom of the canvas as the pigment overruns the lower edge, the way a candy apple’s sticky coating pools around its base. This hanging sanguine excess reads as body matter, the stretched lining of an organ. Underneath the viscous skin, dozens of little burrs adhered to the canvas appear to be strange sharp-toothed bodies trapped in amber.

    Stark’s painting, along with the other works in this titillating and quick-witted