Ayanna Dozier

  • Ja’Tovia Gary, THE GIVERNY SUITE (detail), 2019, film, 42 minutes, three-channel installation, stereo sound, HD and SD video footage, color and black-and-white, 1920 x 1080, 16:9 aspect ratio, dimensions variable.
    film February 03, 2020

    Sound Garden

    “You know how the young folks are.” —Woman, to Ja’Tovia Gary
    “Yeah, I do. They’re too crunk.” —Ja’Tovia Gary

    THE GIVERNY DOCUMENT IS A NOISY FILM, full of music, yelling, screaming, crying, scratching, wailing, and laughter. But the most deafening moments unfold in silence, when viewers are left to assess what is missing, what cannot be represented. Consider the deep pauses and puzzled faces of the black women and girls standing on the corner of 116th Street and Malcom X Boulevard in Harlem, thinking of how to answer filmmaker Ja’Tovia Gary’s question, the one that structures this movie: “Do you