Ayodeji Rotinwa

  • picks May 17, 2018

    Abraham Oghobase

    Abraham Oghobase is making an understatement. In “No Matter Who You Are,” an exhibition of photographs shot from 2007 to 2016, a story unfolds tentatively at first, with careful restraint. The artist is showing something by barely telling anything.

    Oghobase is his own subject in these mostly monochrome images. We see him suspended over skyscapes, against an azure sky; washed into seascapes, in a cascade of frothy waves; soaring above land and over a bushy shoreline. At first glance, the works are easily mistaken as ones of mere beauty, of man imprinted in nature. But look again. This is a story

  • picks April 21, 2018

    Ibe Ananaba

    Ibe Ananaba does not suffer metaphors. For his latest exhibition, “Long-Drawn Shadows,” Ananaba—who has explored fashion and the rise of social media—continues to document contemporary Nigerian culture. This show finds him working within a geopolitical framework, as he pays close attention to Nigeria’s problematic natural resource: oil. There are no doubts about his thoughts on the topic; the works’ titles and scenes leave little room for the viewer to interpret meaning outside what the artist has clearly intended.


    Watercolors of men and women in pensive, broody poses welcome the viewer. They