Azikiwe Mohammed

  • View of “Azikiwe Mohammed: Jimmy’s Thrift of New Davonhaime,” 2017, Knockdown Center, New York.


    New York native AZIKIWE MOHAMMED has been making art for over a decade. His multidisciplinary practice—which merges painting, photography, sculpture, performance, and found ephemera—prioritizes, at its core, the experiences, needs, and subjectivity of people of color in America. On the heels of his first institutional solo show at Knockdown Center in Queens this past fall, Mohammed spoke to visionary writer, poet, and playwright CLAUDIA RANKINE about his ongoing project Jimmy’s Thrift of New Davonhaime, reimagining historical incongruities, and making art that is fundamentally

  • Azikiwe Mohammed, Prodigy, 2017, digital illustration.
    passages June 30, 2017

    Prodigy (1974–2017)

    MY FAMILY IS VERY SMALL, which makes the holidays a difficult affair. When one portion of our family is having a tough time, there aren’t many options for recourse. We almost always go to grandma’s house. She lives in Westbury, Long Island, and at the time my two cousins and aunt all lived on Long Island as well. We sold my grandmother’s house last year. We don’t do Christmas Eve / morning, as there aren’t any children in the family, and our gift exchange has a five-dollar limit. None of the festivities take much time, so Christmas night usually finds me back in the city by 10 PM, at home or at