Bruce Wagner

  • The art that inspired them in 2000

    Those of us who live and breathe contemporary art will hold to the idea that art does change, if not the world, then the way we live in it. But our “world” can be more insular than we care to admit. So to open our look back at 2000, we asked twenty-one “outsiders” we admire—from novelist J.G. Ballard to musician John Zorn—to tell us about the art that inspired them this year.

    Dave Eggers (novelist)
    About a year ago, I saw Marcel Dzama’s stuff in zingmagazine and fell madly in love. Then his show at David Zwirner just killed me. A hundred or so drawings (bears with handguns, whale-men


    Here is the reason why the gouaches, etchings, and oils of “speculative fiction” are so consistently evocative: they tap into a childhood font that used to be called wonder—now, of course, a frayed, heinous cliché, an Encyclopaedia Brittanica relic.

    It’s hard to believe there was a time when scabby-kneed kids could be startled at the sheer size of a particular full moon; while a Bradbury-esque summer breeze seduced hairs of the neck, they’d have the sudden startling sense of themselves as temporal, temporary beings on a wildly moving place (certainly not the only creatures in orbit). Such a child