Bruce Weber

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    I’M MAKING A FILM about Chet Baker, the Jazz musician, called Let’s Get Lost. This group of photographs was taken by his friends and family. From left to right, beginning above and ending with the last photo on page 86, the people shown are Chet Baker, Ruth Young, Halima Baker and Chet, Carol Baker and Chet, Chet and neighbor, Chet with his daughter Missy, Chet with Missy and his son Dean, Chet and Ruth, Chet, and Chet. The first thing I ever heard Chet sing and play was the song with the line “Let’s get lost, lost in each other’s arms.” That could be the line for these pictures. A lot of people


    A number of pages and special projects appearing here and there in the editorial section of this issue of Artforum were selected and created in honor of the summer. Tom Otterness’ drawing above, made while the artist was vacationing in Wisconsin, and Bruce Weber’s photograph of his two nephews in the Adirondacks, on the next two pages, were both executed last summer; Weber’s photograph opposite was taken last November on a rooftop in Miami, where heat is heat. Projects—or, as we thought of them for this issue, islands of art—commissioned from Giovanni Anselmo, Thomas Schütte, and Ettore Spalletti