Caroline Hancock

  • Jimmy Robert, Untitled, 2010, ink-jet print and wooden box, 31 1/2 x 31 1/2".
    picks April 10, 2012

    Jimmy Robert

    For the first Satellite Program exhibition curated by Filipa Oliveira, Jimmy Robert has produced reflections on his personal and artistic education. Langue matérielle (Material Language), 2011, is the title of both the show and an installation that links a small space halfway down the stairs and the basement gallery: A long roll of archival paper is draped over the balustrade and held down by MDF covered in beech, ink-jet prints, and dribbles of pink epoxy paint. Langue means “tongue” in French; langue matérielle is a pun on langue maternelle, or “mother tongue.” As a Guadeloupean brought up

  • View of “Embellishments,” 2012.
    picks March 05, 2012

    Yan Tomaszewski

    As the “Greater Paris” project of urban development beyond the Périphérique (ring road) climbs higher on the city government’s political agenda, the cultural sector is enjoying exponentially improved access to exhibitions and events in various locations. For instance, the Tram contemporary art network, an association of art spaces around the region, facilitates transport for special visits or openings.

    One contentious site on boundary between outer and inner Paris is at the heart of a work in Yan Tomaszewski’s current solo show. Proposal for a Museum on a Desert Island, 2009, is a nearly