Catherine Damman

  • Simone Forti and Charlemagne Palestine, illlummminnnatttionnnsssss!!!!!!!, 2014. Performance view, Museum of Modern Art, New York, April, 2014. Simone Forti and Charlemagne Palestine. Photo: Julieta Cervantes.
    performance April 20, 2014

    Moon Struck

    AN EXPERIMENT: Love someone deeply and for a long time. End it, abruptly. Start fucking someone new. Be surprised—dismayed even—when your body follows a certain choreography as if automatically: a preprogrammed sequence, an anticipation of certain gestures, a procession of amenities customized for one person and perhaps not suited (or even pleasurable) to the new.

    It seems terrible to think we are so rote, mechanized in those moments where we imagine a pliable, attentive body. We want to believe ourselves always capable of change; we want our art to be always running after the new. So much of