Catherine Quan Damman

  • My Barbarian, Silver Minds, 2006. Rehearsal view, Black Dragon Canyon, Utah, March 19, 2006. From left: Alexandro Segade, Jade Gordon, and Malik Gaines.


    IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED TO ME: The cultural detritus of my adolescence and early adulthood has returned with a vengeance. My students appear in outfits––purchased secondhand, probably on Depop––hailing from my own slutty youth. Each generation must arrogate and then transform the past, lest their shoddy inheritance consume them. This is their divine right and they look lovely. Yet the source material convulses from, let’s be honest, an unsightly time absolutely bereft of glamour. More important, the sartorial is but a minor planet in the universe of that era’s ugliness. How to periodize this