Chris Wan

  •  Zheng Mahler, Bubalus bubalis 16–40,000Hz, 2021, still from the video component (color, silent, 67 minutes 43 seconds) of a mixed media installation additionally comprising audio, sculpture, Chladni plate, and a book. From “Liquid Ground.”

    “Liquid Ground”

    Liquid Ground,” a group show curated by Junyuan Feng and Alvin Li—and whose logo called to mind the Slava Tsukerman–directed 1982 cult classic Liquid Sky—was organized around a central plywood platform, which surrounded some of the works and supported several others. The effect was that of an island, echoing the idea of artificial islands created through land reclamation that gave the show its curatorial impetus. Inside the platform, a perforated, semitransparent curtain created several functional spaces, where the curators displayed groups of works that examine islands through the lenses of