Christopher Marinos

  • Jannis Kounellis, untitled, 2010, mixed media on five canvases, each 78 x 70”.
    picks December 22, 2010

    Jannis Kounellis

    Since the 1960s, Jannis Kounellis has skillfully captured the zeitgeist of the time in which he is working and woven it into an “individual mythology,” to use Harald Szeemann’s term. His fifth solo show at Bernier/Eliades richly reveals this unique mastery through a new series of paintings that are instilled with a truly dramatic quality. The particularly acute contemporary socioeconomic unrest in Greece intensifies the immediate existential agony these works radiate. Under such conditions, both Kounellis and his local audience seem to acknowledge that this show is more symbolic than his previous

  • View of “Castrato,” 2010.
    picks October 07, 2010

    Angelos Papadimitriou

    Angelos Papadimitriou’s latest show at this gallery is a tribute to manhood, creativity, and self-mutilation. In “Castrato,” the eccentric actor, singer, and sculptor ridicules the perversions of an oppressive society, lamenting bygone innocence and celebrating transgressive imagination.

    The exhibition, divided into two parts, explores mythological traditions and the way repression relates to the kitsch tendencies of the Greek petit bourgeois. On the ground floor, artist and veterinarian Zisis Papazahariou presents a series of sculptures consisting of plastic toy soldiers and animal testicles

  • Kyrillos Sarris, Letter to George Hadjimichalis, Athens, February 4, 2010,  paper, 8 1/2 x 11” .
    picks June 10, 2010

    George Hadjimichalis and Kyrillos Sarris

    This exhibition of the correspondence between George Hadjimichalis and Kyrillos Sarris documents an intellectually challenging exchange of 126 images that the artists sent to each other from January 2007 to December 2009. Arranged chronologically on two identical long tables, these images are presented in conjunction with the envelopes they were sent in, now encased in a Plexiglas box, as well as a wall text describing the project.

    What at first appears to be a straightforward offering of mail art is, in fact, a visual essay on associative thinking and the dialectics of seeing. The show features

  • Jenny Marketou, Red Eyed Sky Walkers, 2007–, mixed media, dimensions variable. Installation view.
    picks February 16, 2010

    Jenny Marketou

    After touring public spaces and venues in Basel, Cleveland, and Seville, Jenny Marketou’s site-specific multimedia installation Red Eyed Sky Walkers, 2007–, has found temporary residence in her birthplace. Part of Athens’s National Museum of Contemporary Art 2010 commissions program and curated by Daphne Vitali, this fourth adaptation follows the exact same formula as the previous versions, giving the work its two-part structure: Outside the building, ninety-nine red weather balloons equipped with wireless spy cameras parade across the peristyle, capturing images, while indoors a rather noisy