Claudia Arozqueta

  • picks October 15, 2008

    Taka Fernández

    The paintings, drawings, installations, and dioramas that make up Taka Fernández’s exhibition, “El fin del fin de la historia y la hidra venenosa” (The End of the End of History and the Venerated Hydra), create a narrative of future environmental mutation and destruction. In the world illustrated here, viewers find a new order in which giant animals and human hybrids predominate and where Alaska is a tropical jungle and Siberia is almost eaten by a malefic hydra. A huge mantis climbs the Torre Latinoamericana in Mexico City. A monstrous spider with a female human face takes a walk through suburbs

  • (Chronicles) Selva Lacandona, 2008, LightJet print, 19 11/16 x 15 3/4".
    picks August 11, 2008

    Henrik Håkansson

    Last February and March, the Swedish artist Henrik Håkansson visited the Montes Azules, El Triunfo, and Monarch Butterfly biosphere reserves in Mexico. There he registered the flora and fauna that he found with motion-detection cameras, a still camera, a digital video recorder, and sound-recording equipment. The resulting documentation serves as a kind of journal of the artist’s experience and is displayed at this museum in the form of test shots and recordings that emphasize relationships between time and space. Images of jaguars, tapirs, deer, and various species of birds, maps pinpointing