Collier Schorr


    It is astonishing that turning criminals into sailors used to be regarded as a form of punishment.
    —Jean Genet, 1953

    THERE ARE THREE SPACES: a dark space, a bright space, and then a darker space. Two domains and a portal. The first is the Dia building itself: the elevator or the stairs leads to the third floor, where stacks of bundled newspapers spill across a wall, sit beneath a closed door. An almost empty series of corners and floor; a place of refuse waiting to be carted away.

    Then the bright space, the forest. Your body stands in a clearing. The sun could be pouring in—the heat is relentless,

  • the New York Auto Show

    Those were the sweetest cars I was ever to know because they were my first. I remember them like people—like long ago lovers—their idiosyncrasies, what they liked and what they didn’t. With my hands deep in crankcases, I was initiated into their warm, greasy mysteries.
    —Harry Crews, “The Car,” 1975

    C is for Car, D is for Dick
    I never stood around talking about cars. I can conjure up an image of myself at 18, gesticulating with my crotch, but I never waxed on about my first car and the first girl I got to lie down in it. I’m pretty sure that if I’d had a set of balls I might have adjusted

  • A Girl's Own Story

    I think I love you
    but what am I so afraid of
    I’m afraid that I’m not sure of
    a love there is no cure for.

    —David Cassidy, “I Think I Love You,”
    The Partridge Family, 1974

    SOMETIMES I WONDER what would have happened if I had come out in high school. If I had told the girl I sat next to in band that I thought she had the most beautiful hands in the world and I would give anything just to touch them. If I had told people I was gay, would shy girls have crept up to me in the locker room after gym and confessed their desire to be kissed?

    As I watched six little