Conor Moynihan

  • picks March 11, 2019

    Jillian Mayer

    Jillian Mayer’s “TIMESHARE” is populated by a mélange of brightly painted amorphous sculptures, the singsong calls of birds, and an absurd array of potted plants, benches, and utilitarian objects, including a coffee mug, a stapler, and a stack of file folders. At first confounding, Mayer’s aesthetic is influenced by survivalist and prepper subcultures, though it does not necessarily offer reassurance.

    The show opens with the video Beach Real Estate, fine by me, 2019, which is set on the coast of Florida, the artist’s home state. In the foreground, shiny blue cutout letters are stuck in the sand

  • picks March 05, 2018

    belit sağ

    In the five videos that make up her first solo exhibition, “Let Me Remember,” belit sağ grapples with the murders committed in Germany between 2000 and 2007 by the National Socialist Underground (NSU), whose victims were primarily Turkish and Kurdish migrants. In re-narrating this history of violence, the artist takes visitors to the edges of memory and trauma to address the whiteness that remains after erasure, an effect rendered by photographic overexposure and the state’s willful disavowal of minority accounts. In her work, sağ begins her retelling from a tangible void.

    Baklılmış, Silinmiş .