Daniel A. Weiskopf

  • picks August 07, 2014

    “Painter’s Painters: Gifts from Alex Katz”

    “Painter’s painter” is a term of praise for artists who forcefully push the medium to generate new expressive possibilities. This exhibition, assembled over the span of three years, thanks to a gift from the Alex Katz Foundation, gathers works by thirteen contemporary painters plus several by Katz himself. These include skillful imitations of surfaces and materials (Jan de Vliegher, Man with Gigantic Bee, 2012), reimaginings of pop-culture images (Joyce Pensato, Daisy, 2007), and private visions bordering on psychological puzzles (Wilhelm Sasnal, Untitled, 2012). Also noteworthy is one of Ronald

  • picks May 10, 2014

    “Staring at the Sun”

    This exhibition, curated by Craig Drennen, features four painters who reconceive abstraction’s relationship to the structure of the pictorial plane. Here the surface appears as a flattened spatial arena, a digital transparent layer, a supporting material structure, and finally as an obstacle to be overcome.

    Lauren Silva’s works stay closest to a traditional understanding of the pictorial veneer as defining a space to be explored. Her larger canvases boil surrealist landscapes down to their elements, while her smaller works on paper center on Microsoft Paint–like scrawls rendered in meticulous