Dave Sitek

  • video March 08, 2018

    Official music video for Pussy Riot and Dave Sitek’s “Bad Apples,” 2018

    2018, 3:45

    The official music video for Pussy Riot and Dave Sitek’s “Bad Apples” (2018).

    Directed by: Matt Creed
    Editor: Grace Kline
    Director of Photography: Brett Jutkiewicz
    Art Direction: Dylan Eastgaard
    Special Thanks to John Tremblay

    Pussy Riot includes a note with the track:

    "Hey comrades. Hope you are not going to like our new track, since it's dedicated to really disgusting things. Hope you will turn it off, go out and act.

    We're sort of confused about the fact that the most of songs we hear are circling around romantic feelings and friday parties, although only rare tracks are dedicated to not less important topics such as a) climate change, b) gun control, c) arrests of political activists, d) structural inequality e) sexism f) killer cops, brutality and abuse of power that state institutions commit on a daily basis g) urgent need of good-quality accessible healthcare and education.

    Mediazona, our activist media agency, posts news that you'd rather not read - endless criminal cases for reposts and for participation in rallies, brutal tortures of our fellow activists in secret FSB prisons, kidnapping and beatings of gay people in Chechnya, murders of Kremlin's opponents. State violence that we're forced to experience and think about every day. That's why almost all our our tracks are about bad apples."