Dennis Zhou

  • Xavier Giannoli, Les Illusions Perdues (Lost Illusions), 2021, DCP, color, sound, 141 minutes. Lucien de Rubempré (Benjamin Voisin).
    film June 10, 2022

    Ink Trap

    DOES THE WORLD have any more need for the Young Man from the Provinces? That figure, as aptly defined by the critic Lionel Trilling, describes a plethora of characters who populated nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature, from Stendhal’s Julien Sorel and Flaubert’s Frederic Moreau to Dickens’s Pip and Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby. He (and it is almost always a “he”) “stands outside life and seeks to enter,” according to Trilling; possessed of talent and ambition but devoid of money or pedigree, he relies on his cunning and wit to ascend the social ladder. The fortunes of the Young Man from the

  • View of “Through the Walls,” 2021.
    picks April 16, 2021

    Jam Wu

    Jam Wu’s video installation “Through the Walls,” 2021, begins with a flashlight pointed outward, illuminating the viewer. Over the course of forty minutes, a shadow play takes shape across four interconnected channels, with the silhouettes of two performers making choreographed body movements both exaggerated and simple. Using the sparest gestures, props, and backdrops—a faint halo, a bed of flowers, a fence of hexagonal wire—and with meditative musical accompaniment from Yujun Wang, Wu’s apparitions come to life like cave paintings amid the flickering glow of an open fire.

    An interdisciplinary

  • Pietro Marcello, Martin Eden 2019, 16 mm, color, sound, 129 minutes. Martin Eden and Elena Orsini (Luca Marinelli and Jessica Cressy).
    film September 09, 2020

    Gross Autonomy

    JACK LONDON has always been better understood abroad than at home. At different times in his life a gold prospector, an oyster pirate, a hobo, and a millionaire, London was also a committed internationalist whose political speeches in his twenties led the press to crown him the “Boy Socialist of Oakland.” (He later ran for mayor on Eugene V. Debs’s Social Democratic ticket.) London’s vivid depictions of working-class life and communal struggle garnered him a devoted following in Communist countries such as the People’s Republic of China and postrevolutionary Russia, where, in 1918, the poet

  • Emma McMillan, The Teacher or Hyatt Regency, 2019, oil on aquarelle, 48 x 71 x 1.5".
    picks December 03, 2019

    Emma McMillan

    Designed largely by the late architect John Portman, the Peachtree Center in Atlanta offers an Olympian view from its network of pedestrian skybridges, allowing passersby to peer detachedly over the street below as they scuttle between interconnected office towers and convention hotels. Portman’s buildings, begun in the sixties and originally cited as a sign of so-called urban renewal, have since been criticized for sidestepping the city, their signature features—soaring atria, interior balconies, and vertiginous, glass-lined elevators—favoring air-conditioned spectacle over the comparatively

  • Josef Strau, Angel’s Alphabet V, 2019, pencil, ballpoint pen, marker, brass, tin, and nails on wood panel, 28 x 25".
    picks July 02, 2019

    Josef Strau

    Revelation can be arduous. In the book of Genesis, Jacob wrestles an angel until the break of day, tearing his sciatic tendon in the process. For two years, Josef Strau has trampled, beat, soldered, and sutured tin sheets until they yield seraphic icons, as if they were images taken from a Byzantine fresco. Installed in the monastic rooms of the Löwenbräukunst, the two series in “How to Be an Angel Painter,” “Angel’s Alphabet” and “Angel’s Scores,” both 2019, function as an exegesis and an exorcism for this obsession.

    The show was inspired by the Art Nouveau printmaker Ephraim Moses Lilien, who