Eileen Neff

  • Kocot and Hatten

    Scale/Ratio, 1988–89, is a collaborative installation by the artist team of Marcia Kocot and Tom Hatten. Its most demanding and rewarding feature is that it occupies the exhibition space of two distinctive galleries and relies on the viewer’s having seen both in order fully to experience the piece. The Levy Gallery at Moore College of Art is a large institutional space, beautiful (by contemporary standards) in its white readiness to receive works of art. The Jessica Berwind Gallery is a small 19th-century residence-turned-gallery made up of two nearly square rooms, complete with fireplaces and

  • Sol LeWitt

    The wall drawings of Sol LeWitt shown here are a continuing investigation of a working process that began twenty years ago. The installation consists of seven four-panel rectangular drawings that directly cover the walls of the gallery in thin layers of gray, red, yellow, and blue ink washes, applied in various combinations. Although these latest drawings differ from the original focus on lines, squares, and cubes and the limited palette of black and white, they still manage to create a complex field of visual activity out of what, by definition, sounds like a color-design problem of the simplest