Eliel Jones

  • Ghislaine Leung, Push to Shove (detail), 2017, foamcore, tape, carpet, rubber, phones, night lights, video, photos, paper, acetate, mirror, extension cables, cable ties, 24 x 44 x 33".
    picks March 02, 2017

    Ghislaine Leung

    Ghislaine Leung’s current exhibition presents sound, videos, and sculptures among a variety of vinyl texts installed on ten large glass panels. The pieces all bleed into one another: Sounds become textual in their ability to lead the imaginary; words appear audible by incarnating registers of tone, style, and drive; narratives become literally built in as objects.

    Playing from a round speaker inserted into a wall is a loop of scores and sound effects that evoke a connection to silent cartoons. In Huh, 2016, doors open and close, phones vibrate, voices murmur. The vinyl texts seem to recount,