Eliza Levinson

  • Tom Anholt, Two Rooms, 2021, oil on canvas, 59 x 51".
    picks September 22, 2021

    Tom Anholt

    In “Artificial Light,” Tom Anholt showcases paintings and works on paper exploring the experience of solitude with sensitivity and radiance. The works on canvas are the unquestionable highlight, offering poignant views of pensive characters isolated in their domiciles. (It is not difficult to see where he gleaned his inspiration.) Photographs do no justice to the exquisite finesse with which Anholt paints: the navy-purple depth of his darkness; the shimmering, almost heartbreaking possibility in his fragmented light.

    This is well demonstrated in Two Rooms, 2021, which foregrounds a hunched figure

  • View of “In Times Like These,” 2020.
    picks September 29, 2020

    Otto Zitko

    For an artist whose bright oil stick lines often explode, uncontained, across the walls and ceilings of galleries, it feels fitting for this moment—one of physical distance, meditation, and uncertainty—that the works in Otto Zitko’s exhibition “In Times Like These” are anxiously restrained to canvas size, as well as comprising the artist’s first forays into painting with white. In another departure, Zitko has introduced figurative elements: See “Oh Death, that is the cooling night...” (Heinrich Heine), 2020, a simple rendering of a wide-open eye staring back at us, and Fenstergucker (Selbstportrait)