Emily Watlington

  • Lin-May Saeed, Small Fox Relief, 2019, Styrofoam, paint, steel nails, 16 x 23 x 5".
    picks May 28, 2019

    Lin May Saeed

    Lin May Saeed’s exhibition “Girl with Cat” continues the artist’s aesthetic and her advocacy for animal rights. The show’s titular piece is a Styrofoam sculpture of not a stereotypically asexual spinster but an adolescent animal-activist radicalized upon suspecting that animal snatchers abducted her pet. The cat resembles those found in hieroglyphs, nodding to the notion that, in ancient Egypt, the “animal” was not distinct from humans. Visitors to Saeed’s exhibition learn this history from an accompanying text excerpting Birgit Mütherich’s 2003 essay “The Social Construction of the Other: On