Eniola Dawodu

  • Eniola Dawodu, generation to generation, 2019, synthetic hair fibers, cotton thread, dimba wood, rocks, 11' 5“ × 7' 11” × 4'.


    Aṣọlà ńkí, kí a tó ki ènìyàn. (We greet the cloth before we greet its wearer.) 

    —Yoruba proverb


    WITH REVERENCE FOR THOSE who wore and wove before, I privilege ancestral African textile and dress as conduits for discourse and expressions of power through time and space. Across sculpture and garment and costume design, altars and archives merge, holding space for gathered memoirs of legacy and identity. Just as the past propels us forth, the present is a potent moment in which to push toward the zenith of our individual and collective reimaginings. May we yield to our revolutionary potential,